Matt & Kerry Walsh

We were so lucky to have Roxie as our realtor. She came highly recommended by a friend, but we had no idea how valuable the connection would be.
Looking for a house long-distance is challenging. But we quickly felt that Roxie understood us well, and knew exactly what we were looking for.
She has a keen and intuitive sense of who people are, and what they need and like. We actually made an offer on our house sight unseen, based on our trust in her opinion.
Now we’re proud owners of a home that is absolutely perfect for us.
Roxie is extremely straightforward, honest and genuine. Not afraid to disagree, talk you out of making a potential mistake, suggest alternatives. And her partnership with Bob is like a two-for-one: we got both of their views on various issues, which really aided our decision-making.
Even after the deal was done, Roxie went above and beyond to help us get assimilated. She personally got involved with a variety of things related to move-in, helping us find cleaners, painters, plumbers, etc. We continue to draw on their valuable network of professionals and vast experience in the area.
The Ormsby’s made it possible for us to realize our long-term dream of owning a place in Tahoe, and we are truly grateful to them!